Design tips

Latest design tips from our expert interior designers

We know you want your home to look the best. In this section we provide the latest design tips from our expert interior designers. Style Tip for Lodge range ; Mix the Lodge style with vintage chairs and those special gems you find at the flea markets. If you have a passion for nature find your accessories outside. Use seasonal accessories from you walks in the great outdoors. Style Tip for Nordic range ; Don't be afraid of checks, strips and colours on your sofa. Go for a loose cover and change the cover as you wish.
The Moderne is a styles range for people with an eye for fine detail, who value quality, style and personal expression . You choose how your dream sofa looks. From the exciting modules that give you that shape, and our hundreds of fabrics and leathers that gives you that SOUL feel.
  • Leather or Fabric choices
    Modular sofas
    Large range of styles
Nordic leads the thoughts to life on the coast: a faint breeze,the scent of the archipelago , and the ocean glittering outside the window. The beautiful details in the metal fittings, the reflections in the glass and the furniture's ethereal white surface.Like the relaxed way of life on the coast .
  • Loose Cover sofas
    Sea side white furniture
Colonial Range. Inspired by an era gone by , the lush, dark furniture of the Colonial collection adds a flavour of the exotic to your rooms.
  • Dark Furniture
The beautiful details in the table tops,the capacious cabinets that rest harmoniously in the room, the furniture in the Provence collection conveys a discreet sense of joy.
  • Detailed wooden furniture
Lodge is a unique part of SOUL, with its solid furniture full of rustic detail and traces of times past.
  • Reclaimed wooden furniture
    Rustic Look