Design tips

Latest design tips from our expert interior designers

We know you want your home to look the best. In this section we provide the latest design tips from our expert interior designers.
Measure the area, draw a plan if it helps!
It is important to get the scale right for your room. We can help you with that. Bring your plans / dimensions...that will help us to advise you.
  • Measure
Show us your Room
Take a photo of your room, sometimes it is hard to imagine! Bring along anything you may need your new furniture to match, for example curtains or an existing sofa. It is easier to see the colour options together.
  • Take a photo.
What colours do you like? Is there a style of furniture you like best? Look at magazines or online resources to see what you inspires you.
  • What do you like?
Come in and try the sofas! Just like us sofas come in all shapes and sizes. See what is right for you.
  • Sit down and relax!