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28th October 2016

Following on from our exploration of the meaning behind, and benefits, of a modular sofa. We will now delve into the unique attributes of each model in a collection of five of our Modular Sofas. To begin we will take a look at the Blues Sofa.

19th October 2016

Modular sofas: breaking down the pieces

The term ‘modular’ refers to a sofa that uses pieces, or ‘modules’, to build the final structure of the sofa. These pieces are joined together to make a solid and unique structure.

7th October 2016

At SOUL, we believe that one style of furniture is never limited to just that theme. Our new Coastal wood range is the perfect example of this versatility.

21st April 2016

Keep it simple and go neutral. A neutral colour is any colour that is not on the colour wheel or comes from natural materials such as earth and stone. The neutral colours are grey, beige, cream, white, black and brown.