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Please check this page often as we share news about our company and the industry at large. Everything and anything that has to do with home furnishings and style is on this page. We look forward to serving you in our store, but until then, please read about some of our pieces, furniture collections and more. Bookmark this page and check back for more great SOUL Lifestyle tidbits and news!

21st April 2016

Keep it simple and go neutral. A neutral colour is any colour that is not on the colour wheel or comes from natural materials such as earth and stone. The neutral colours are grey, beige, cream, white, black and brown.

1st April 2016

This week we are going to guide you through the monochromatic colour scheme. The monochromatic colour scheme is where you use one colour in varying intensities or tones and hues.

20th March 2016

Schemes, north-facing rooms, colour psychology! What colour would work best with that? Would that red work in your room? Colour and its endless possibilities may seem a daunting task but we here at S.O.U.L may hold all the answers.

4th November 2015

It’s a dull and dark November morning and your mood is definitely not reflecting the buoyant beats of your incessant phone alarm. Both tired and lack-lustred you grapple in the dark until eventually you find the light switch.