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Please check this page often as we share news about our company and the industry at large. Everything and anything that has to do with home furnishings and style is on this page. We look forward to serving you in our store, but until then, please read about some of our pieces, furniture collections and more. Bookmark this page and check back for more great SOUL Lifestyle tidbits and news!

16th October 2015

 S.O.U.L. Lifestyle is proud to work alongside the talented Karina Croitor, our in-house interior designer. Originally from Moldova, Karina moved to Ireland with her family in 1999 and graduated from Limperts Design academy in 2004.

14th August 2015

A hideaway den for pilfered treats, a fort to share your secrets and dreams, a boat, a bed, a best friend –  your couch encompasses all imaginative forays, and household practicalities.

17th July 2015

SOUL Lifestyle is proud to boast the beautiful Tanzania and Granville range. Exquisitely crafted from reclaimed natural wood, the Tanzania and Granville products add an instant natural beauty and organic essence to any home.

22nd June 2015

From vintage telescopes to singing birds, SOUL Lifestyle provides a wonderful array of unique accessories suitable for any home.  Here at SOUL Lifestyle we believe that the personality of a home is embodied in the details, accessories instantly...