18th October 2018
2nd October 2018


Blues, it's not just a genre of music

28th October 2016

Following on from our exploration of the meaning behind, and benefits, of a modular sofa. We will now delve into the unique attributes of each model in a collection of five of our Modular Sofas. To begin we will take a look at the Blues Sofa.

Our Blues Model is modular unit with a total of twenty-seven modules available, allowing you to build your perfect combination. Unique is its style, Blues is a deep model that has a lifted leg. Giving you a snug deep sofa that envelopes you in comfort, that is also raised enough to allow a flow of light. This means you can obtain the illusion of a ‘floating sofa’, accentuating the space and open feeling within your space. See the below image for the list of the modules within the Blues range:

Blues also offers three different armrest styles, Carter, Baker and Memphis. Each armrest has a different width and style, allowing you to manipulate the style of you sofa further. Carter is the slimmest of the arms available on Blues, this allows you to dedicate majority of your space to the seating of the sofa. Baker has a unique tilted shape, it has a very Modern look and can soften the look of the sofa. Memphis is the last arm available, but also the largest. With Memphis you get a defined finish to your sofa, it is a perfect size for use as a laptop support, resting your cuppa or for perching on when you entertain.

The two footstools in the Blues range are the perfect addition to any combination. Resting your tired legs, creating a moveable corner combination or even as a coffee table. The uses for a footstool are endless. Built to accompany the Blues sofas, the footstools have a similar height to the seating and the same finish options.

Blues has a Day and Night back cushion option. The Day back is a solid cushion back, as displayed in the image above. This gives a clean finish, which is easy to accessorize and maintain. The Night back is a scatter cushion, as shown in the image below. There are loose cushions with the same finish as the sofa base. It gives a comfy and inviting finish, which will stand alone without need of accenting cushions.

There is a choice between two comfort levels with Blues, Comfort EU and Comfort C2. The difference between them is that Comfort C2 offers a feather filling. Comfort EU uses a cold core foam centre with a foam and fibre overlay. This gives you a soft cushion that will easily hold its shape without a need for constant plumping. Comfort C2 is a unique feather filling as, like with Comfort EU, it has a cold core foam centre and then a feather overlay. This finish gives you a luxurious seat to sink into.

Never a model to disappoint, Blues also has three wooden and three metallic leg options. Both the wood and metals have a choice of colours to suit you. The metallic leg gives a simple contemporary finish to any combination. Reflecting the flooring and light in the space, in the chrome finish, encouraging the open and bright feeling to the room. The wooden leg gives a softer, more homely finish to the combination. With different wood colours, to either match or contrast the floors or other wooden finishes within your space. This leg still has a lifted shape, so you still benefit from the flow of light under the sofa.

Blues is a beautiful sofa that combines so many different styles and options. If you are looking for a deep and contemporary sofa, Blues could be the one for you.