18th October 2018
2nd October 2018


Coffee, packed with style and caffeine free

1st December 2016

Each and every home has its own defining style and identity, much like we who inhabit them. A sofa plays a vital role in that definition. Modular Sofas offered within the SOUL range can give you the ability to design your sofa to suit the identity and lifestyle in your home. Continuing our exploration of our five Modular Sofas, we will now take a look at the Coffee Sofa.

The Coffee Model is a range that is as enticing as the beverage of its namesake! (Hold for laughter) Coffee has sixteen modules, available in both fabric and leather, which can be used to suit your personal lifestyle. Coffee is a tidy sofa with a slightly tilted back cushion, giving you a gentle, but full support. Elegantly elevated from the floor, Coffee meets you comfortably at the knee while seated. This allows you to get up easily, without protest from dead legs or stiff knees. The open space under Coffee allows light to flow freely under the sofa, giving a ‘floating sofa’ effect. This permits you to have a large welcoming sofa, without sacrificing any light and creates the impression of a more open space. The footstool in the Coffee range is perfect to accompany any orientation and can provide perfect support to rest your legs, or even extra seating when you entertain. Take a peak below at all of the modules to be used within the Coffee range:

These modules give you an endless array of possibilities, so get creative!

Likewise Coffee has a unique range of armrests available that can change the look of your sofa. Each one has a different finish and can completely change the style of the sofa. The Mocca arm, for example, gives a slim and sleek finish to the Coffee, whereas the Primo arm is perfect for a soft, classic look. The gem of the armrests within the Coffee range is the Armrest Table, with a solid wooden tray built-in and internal storage. This arm is perfect for neat storage, cup perching and a great alternative to side tables.

Ever changeable, the Coffee range offers eight leg options evenly dispersed between metal and wood finishes. All of the metal legs come in a sleek and modern Chrome finish, adding to the reflection of light and overall polished look of your sofa. The wooden legs add a classic and natural tone to the sofa. Available in a choice of colours, allowing you to customise the last details of your sofa.

Coffee has two back cushion options, Day and Night. The Day cushion, as shown above, is a solid back that give a simple and clean finish to the sofa. There are two heights available in the Day back cushion, giving you the choice to suit any height. The Night cushion has a scattered cushion finish, as shown in the image below. This ‘loose’ back gives the Coffee an inviting and less formal look that can easily stand-alone.

We have two comfort options available on the Coffee range, Comfort EU and Comfort C2. Comfort EU uses a cold core foam centre with a foam and fibre overlay. This gives you a soft cushion that will easily hold its shape without a need for constant plumping. Comfort C2 is a unique feather filling as, like with Comfort EU, it has a cold core foam centre and then a feather overlay. This finish gives you a luxurious seat to sink into.

In both fabric and leather, a contrasting colour can be used on the piping. This creates an interesting variation to the overall look, and possibly allowing you to introduce your accent colours into your sofa. Leather finishes give you a choice of the stitching on the sofa, you have the option of contrasting stitching.

Every cup of coffee has a perfect accompanying treat to complete the experience, and for our Coffee sofa there is a range of accessories to do just that. Designed to suit the specific dimensions and style of Coffee, these accessories will help you get creative and make your dream sofa a reality.

Our Coffee sofa has so many options and finishing touches available, it’s easy to get creative and hard to not be inspired.