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Freedom Of Choice

Choice is a big thing, as consumers we are constantly faced with the variety of options presented to us. While sometimes daunting, this freedom to choose empowers us to create the world we want to be a part of.

Every decision you make can impact multiple aspects of your life, and the lives of those around you. In SOUL, along with our Ka Studio partners, we want to give you as many options as possible and then help you to find the one that fits your life.


Free to choose your furniture:

From deep to shallow, large to compact, classic to modern, our furniture ranges have a little something for everyone. Get enveloped and sink into the comfort of a deep luxurious feather filled seat or order the firm soothing support to quietly unwind. Find that stylish complimentary coffee table or take home the versatile multifunctional footstool. Dine comfortably with as many guest as you can entertain with a sleek modern dining set or just relax and share some intimate family memories with the neat kitchen table with everything you need. Let your furniture work around your needs.


Free to find the size to fit your life:

Whether you have an open space to fill or a tight corner to work with, there is always a piece for you. We have compact standard pieces to fit into the tightest of dimensions, without sacrificing on style or comfort. If you have space to play with, our modulars can be twisted and turned to create new and interesting answers to your sizing needs. Recliners don’t have to be bulky and take over a space, our range of ridiculously relaxing recliners are lightweight, compact and built to suit your every need. In furniture, size does matter!


Free to choose your finish:

Leather, fabric, wood, metal, glass, feather, foam… our ranges have lists of choices to alternate our furniture to your needs. Choose the perfect neutral fabric to last a lifetime and be a base for your every style change. Dare to stand out with a bright pop of colour in your sofa, or your simple accent chair. Get that wooden coffee table to withstand the tests of tea drinking time or the glass side table to add a simple modern edge to your space. We have got you covered from every start, to every finish.


Free to choose responsible businesses:

In a world were social and environmental impact and sustainability are of the utmost importance, choosing a company that operates responsibly and endeavours to ensure that sustainability is at the forefront of every practice, can impact every decision we make. From buying coffee to buying furniture, we want to be sure that the money we spend is as far from negatively impacting our world as possible. At Soul, we fully believe in limiting the responsible choices we make as a company. All of our wood is FSC® approved, ensuring that every piece is ethically harvested and manufactured. As a Scandinavian company, we carry the ethos of Scandinavian design. This is more than a look, it is a dedication to produce long-lasting pieces in a way that keeps the air and water clean and safe for future generations. The methods of transport used, are carefully chose to limit the impact to the world we all share. Choose responsible businesses, choose to avoid negative impacts, choose the ones who care.