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Ka Studio

Here at SOUL we are always looking for the next step, and we are so delighted to announce that we have a new partner Ka Studio. This collaboration brings a whole new step to the SOUL experience.

Ka Studio is the brain child of our wonderfully talented Interior Designer, Karina Croitor. Karina has worked on commercial and residential projects alike, she has also been a strong team member within SOUL helping customers to find just the right piece for their space.

Now with Ka Studio, Karina offers a full, personalised Interior Design Service with a full collection of pieces, from furniture to accessories, to complete your full room set. Every piece in the range is handpicked by Karina, using her expertise in design and her dedication to high quality pieces at wonderful prices.

From individual pieces, to furniture collections or even a fully finished room set, you can now get everything you need and a helping hand to guide you through it in one place. Start your style journey with SOUL and Ka Studio.