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Make The Most of Your S.O.U.L Experience!

14th August 2018

Make the most of your experience with us here at Soul!

We recommend these following three points of preparation in order to get the most out of your visit with our experienced Sale Consultants:

 1. Bring your sizes on your visit 


Chosing Soul Lifestyle is choosing flexibility! We offer a variety of modular sofas designed to be built by you, to suit your space. As you can imagine each and every sofa differs in size and shape, as does every room. We recommend that you bring your room sizes when you visit us, from architectural plans to a roughly drawn doodle, our Sale consultants can draw your sofa plan for you in store on the day of your visit, in the shape and size you choose, to best suit your room.


2. Discuss your Layout



How do you use your room? This is so important when choosing your ideal sofa. How you use the space, the number of people in the home, the function of the room itself, are all factors to keep in mind when choosing your sofa. Talk to our Consultants, discuss the day to day use of the room and how you would like your new sofa to suit your lifestyle. Our consultants can then use your plans to create a number of layout options available to you for your room based on your choice of sofa!


3. Colour Scheme