Paso Doble, we don't dance around comfort!

8th December 2016

The passion we put into our homes is what makes them such a heaven. Each painted wall, tiled floor and carefully selected piece of furniture, seamlessly creates a sacred escape from the outside world. Home is a word that goes hand in hand with comfort. Our next Modular Sofa combines passion for style and irresistible comfort, making Paso Doble a perfect choice for any home.

Within the Paso Doble range there is fourteen modules, available in a range of fabric finishes, to be used to bring graceful style to your home. Paso Doble’s modules are larger than those within our other modular ranges, giving you the freedom to create a large piece to suit a large family, anyone you entertain, or just the perfect place to lie back and really relax! Being lower to the ground, Paso Doble is beautifully snug and just oozes comfort. This low look, accentuates celling height and allows you to use your floor space without overpowering the area.  Take a look at all of the modules available in the Paso Doble range below:

There are so many ways to assemble the modules from Paso Doble, it will never disappoint!

In the Paso Doble range, the choice of two different back cushions, delivers two completely different finishes. Paso Doble’s Day cushion offer a gentle firm finish, giving you a sleek and clean look. Perfect for any modern home. Simple and smooth, this look is perfectly inviting in any setting. Take a look below for an example of our tempting Day cushions.

If you are looking for a snug and relaxed finish, Paso Doble’s Night option is perfect. The scatter backed cushions give a full and chic look that just shouts contemporary. A beautifully simple look that will make creating a comfortable den easier than enjoying putting your feet up. Paso Doble in the Night finish is just irresistible. Don’t believe us? Take a look below!

See what we mean? Irresistible!

As with most of our sofas, Paso Doble offers a choice of leg finishes. There is a chrome leg and a variety of wooden leg options to choose from. Allowing you to alter even the smallest detail.

We have two comfort options available on the Paso Doble range, Comfort EU and Comfort C2. Comfort EU uses a cold core foam centre with a foam and fibre overlay. This gives you a soft cushion that will easily hold its shape without a need for constant plumping. Comfort C2 is a unique feather filling as, like with Comfort EU, it has a cold core foam centre and then a feather overlay. This finish gives you a luxurious seat to sink into.

We have a huge range of fabrics, in a variety of colours and textures, available in the Paso Doble range. Any colour scheme or look can be achieved with ease. See below for some information on the leg, comfort and upholstery options offered within the Paso Doble range:

Still need some inspiration? As you will see below, two Divan modules slotted together with a Night back cushion creates the unique and ultra-comfy Paso Doble Loveseat. Perfect for an evening of warmth and relaxation, just what we all need!

Paso Doble, perfect comfort for any home.