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Bring colour to life

Colour, it’s something we take for granted in everyday life. We hear a lot about ‘neutral colours’ or ‘accent colours’ in furniture and interior design, but it is rarely ever discussed what the motivation behind a colour choice should be.

Our homes are

our safe havens

Our homes are our safe havens, a small part of the world that is how we want it and is everything we need. The colours we choose for this space can have a huge effect on how we feel within them. Often people discuss the calming effects of blues, the vibrant encouraging yellows, purity in whites or the exciting romantic reds. Take the colour away and life can be a little dull.

Colour b+w

general rules

or guidelines

But general rules or guidelines are always meant to be tested, colour in your home can breathe life and individuality to your personal space. Blue may be calming in nature, but if it is a favourite colour of yours it can be invigorating. Monochromatic themes may seem very black and white (it had to be said), but for the highly organised it offers a relaxing simplicity in an otherwise crazy world.

Let the colours in your home work together in harmony, pair the oranges and blues for a unique mix of enthusiastic calming energy. Let your reliable browns compliment your exciting reds or bring a new forest-like life to envious greens. Use as little or as much colour as you want to make your home; your style, your way.