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Terms & Conditions

1. Orders can be amended or cancelled within 5 working days of booking. Deposits will be forfeited after this period in the event of a cancellation.


2. Orders cannot be delivered until final payment has been cleared.


3. SOUL shall continue to own the goods until the buyer has made full payment. If the goods remain undelivered / uncollected for 14 days after notification has been made of the availability of the goods, SOUL retains the right , not less than 21 days after writing to the buyer advising of its intentions to sell or otherwise dispose of the goods.


4. In the event of that the buyer informs SOUL that the goods require storage (and that storage can be facilitated), a fee will apply.


5. Delivery of the goods can be arranged by SOUL, if the buyer prefers to collect the goods this can also be facilitated.
Goods must be inspected at the time of delivery, SOUL shall not be required to accept return or repair of goods in respect of damage or other defects where the buyer acknowledges to have examined the goods and a reasonable examination would have disclosed such damage or defect.


6. All lead times are given in good faith and are approximate. SOUL shall not be liable to the buyer for delay in delivery or inability to fulfil the contract because of circumstances outside the reasonable control of SOUL. If SOUL cannot deliver (or part deliver) within 3 months after the anticipated completion date due to the foregoing reason, either SOUL or the buyer shall, without any liability to the other, be entitled to cancel the contract or the part of it so affected.


7. Whilst every reasonable effort is made to ensure colour matches, materials do vary from one batch to another. An exact colour match cannot be guaranteed but will be within the EU Standard of Tolerances.


8. The price of goods specified on the order shall be subject to any variation required in consequence of any increase in the Value Added Tax levy or impost which the company may be compelled to charge at the date of delivery of the goods.


9. The Law of the Republic of Ireland will apply.


10. SOUL cannot accept responsibility for furniture which proves to be impossible to fit into its intended location.